Domestic carpet cleaning

Whether you have a dirty hallway rug, a stained living room carpet, or some unsightly kitchen tiles, we have the equipment to have them looking great once more.

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Help your home smell great

Whether you have a dirty hallway rug, a stained living room carpet, or some unsightly kitchen tiles, we have the equipment to have them looking great once more. We visit all kinds of homes, including flats, bungalows and family homes, as well as care homes and communal housing, enabling householders, tenants and landlords to have beautiful fresh carpets once more.

a person using a steam carpet cleaner to clean a carpet with noticeable difference





Revitalise your home under your feet 

Having clean, fresh carpets in a home makes so much of a difference. Your house will smell fresher and the air will be healthier too, with fewer dust particles and less airborne bacteria for your immune system to contend with.

It also creates a much better first impression overall, with the house feeling cleaner underfoot, and the colours of your carpets, rugs, upholstery and hard floors shining through once more.

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Why choose Avance for your residential carpet cleaning needs?



Customer Satisfaction 

Avance Cleaning guarantees customer satisfaction and aims to delight commercial customers with excellent results and value for money services every time.


Free Re-Cleans

If customers aren't completely satisfied with the results, Avance Cleaning offers free re-cleans to ensure customer satisfaction.




After-Sales Assistance 

Avance Cleaning offers excellent after-sales assistance and expert advice at any time to ensure customers are fully satisfied with their service.


Tailored Service

Customers receive a 100% tailored service, starting with a free consultation at their homes, where Avance Cleaning measures rooms, identifies carpet types, measures pH, and notes tough stains for removal.




Written Quotation Guarantee 

Customers receive a written quotation that Avance Cleaning honours for six months, regardless of any changes in their busiest months or cleaning product prices.




Timely Arrival 

We guarantee on-time arrival at commercial premises and provides advance notice if factors beyond their control may impact arrival time.


Professional Staff 

Avance Cleaning ensures experienced, professional, and friendly cleaning experts are sent to commercial properties to handle the cleaning.




Quality Check

Our cleaning experts check with customers to ensure they're 100% happy with the service before leaving the premises.


Post-Service Support 

We offer ongoing support and assistance to customers, answering any questions and providing expert advice even after the service is complete.



a person with orange trousers and black shoes cleaning a dirty carpet with a carpet steam cleaner

Eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions

With our residential carpet cleaning service, we prioritise responsible cleaning practices without compromising on quality. We exclusively use environmentally friendly cleaning products and non-toxic solutions in all our work.

This ensures the safety of your household members and visitors, as well as minimising any impact on the local environment. With our skilled team, you can trust that your carpets will be cleaned to the highest standard while upholding commitments to sustainability.